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Hydraulic SAE Flanges

Use of ball floats in air valves


Manifold valves at it uses in instrumentation


Buttweld Elbows

Elbows are used with piping at places where in the angle 90degree bend is required we are know for manufacturing semaless and erw 90degree bends in various material of construction , CS, 304ss, 316ss, duplex steel, super duplex steel, monel , titanium and other grades of steel . We hve expertize in manufacturing this Elbows as per standars pipe schdule sch 5, sch 10, sch 20,sch40, sch 80,sch 120, sch 160, sch Xxs , Line sizes: 1/2" to 42" Nb

Gas station ball valves

We have expertise in manufacturing ball valves which are widely used in gas stations for filling gas in cars , this valves are manufactured for easy open ansd shut off type so to easily open and close gas lines , this valves are tested before supply for lekages and after QC supplied to our clients . This valves are available from line size: 1/4" to 1" Moc: 304 ss, 316ss , Make : Ambuja Pressure : 3000psi,6000psi

Y type nstariner

Ambuja y type strainer are used for  lines where in there is particulate dust in line which if goes in instrument can damage the instrument , we can customise y type strainers as per mesh microna required by the clients depeding on particulate size required to go or pass after y type stariner , Line size : 1/4"to 4" Moc: cs, 304 ss,316ss , duplex ,super duplex , brass Pressure : 3000psi

Pipe clamps , hygenic clamps

Valves and its selection

Selction of valbes is of utmost importance in a hydraulic pressurised lines as it saves the line from any explosion due to high pressure . We at ambuja have expetise and have worked with various applications to know what to use for which lines and which pressure .Valves can make or break a hudraulic line for example if preasure reducing valves is not used in a high pressurised lines it can easily explode. Please feel free to contact for any know hows about any valves you need or want to use.